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Introduction to Beijing Weibo Law Firm
Beijing Weibo Law Firm (Hereinafter Weibo Law Firm) is a law firm approved by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice. Since its establishment, it has achieved leap-forward development and established an advanced management system and a professional team-based operation mode. It is a Chinese law Firm with international horizon. It strives for excellence and always takes qualified legal services and customers’ interests as priority. It aims to create great legal career and rich professional knowledge. It develops a mode of unity, cooperation, devoting and dedication. It takes ‘more professional, more exquisite, more honest, more efficient and more comprehensive’ as its permanent goal.
Weibo’s development relies on many famous universities in China. Many law professors from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law and Beihang University are recruited as Weibo’s experts or consultants. Weibo thus has the capacity to hold large-scale lectures, expert argumentation about difficult cases. Weibo Law Firm has more than 40 lawyers, trainee lawyers and administrative staff. Among them, 10 have the doctoral degree in law and are professor or associate professor, and 3 have the postdoctoral experience in law. Most of the other members also have the doctorate or master degree. In the course of practicing, the lawyers try their best to safeguard the client’s legitimate rights and interests. They all have solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience in law. In recent years, they have provided high quality legal services for hundreds of companies and individuals.
Weibo Law Firm is divided into several departments which deal with corporate, intellectual property, taxation, finance, preparation and management of fund, government procurement and bidding, international investment and trade, labor and personnel management, real estate and other legal services. Its featured legal services include intellectual property, corporate, foreign-related business, blockchain and labor and personnel. At present, its international legal service department is booming. The law firm has established many liaison offices in Hong Kong, American, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, etc. It has established long-term cooperation with many well-known law firms around the world and won trust of foreign customers. Weibo Law Firm has a global, networked, multi-category, all-round and efficient work system.
Weibo Law Firm is famous for its legal services in the following legal fields:

1.Intellectual property rights: consultation on protection strategy of intellectual property; analysis and arrangement about intellectual property rights; formulation, implementation and improvement of intellectual property strategy for corporate; participation in negotiations involving intellectual property legal matters; putting forward legal advice on intellectual property issues; participation in litigation about ownership and transfer in intellectual property; agency, rights protection and litigation of foreign-related intellectual property rights; protection of intellectual property rights in high-tech fields (such as network, biotechnology, software protection and so on); agency of trade secret cases; argument and expert appraisal about difficult case of intellectual property; planning and diagnosing trademark strategic of the corporate; implementing programs of trademark management.

2. Legal services for company: corporate legal risks control; prevention and control of risk in establishment of enterprise; drafting employment contract and settling employment disputes; allocation of company shares; merger and acquisition; disposal of non-performing assets; investment and financing; IPO; agency of difficult cases of enterprise; international sale of goods; international conveyance; letter of credit; international technology trade.

3. Legal services in foreign-related business: international sales of goods; introduction for international technology; maritime; agent of foreign-related cases; US 337 investigation case; anti-monopoly; countervailing; anti-dumping.

4. Legal services for blockchain: development and protection about blockchain technology; compliance and supervision to blockchain; prevention of risk in blockchain; disclosure and sharing about information of blockchain; credit evaluation and Value assessment about blockchain; signing and controlling risk of smart legal contracts; electronic deposit; distribution and sell of digital cash; practical application of blockchain technology.

5. Legal services for labor and personnel management: daily legal advice; assist in reviewing and drafting labor contracts or supplementing agreements; drafting and standardizing rules and regulations about labor and personnel; settling economic compensation or disputes of compensation when terminating labor contracts; avoiding of illegally terminating labor contract; providing professional legal training for  business personnel at the company; participating in arbitration, litigation of external labor dispute of the company; assisting to resolve internal labor disputes.
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